Recommendations from our Clients.

Thank you for the opportunity to acknowledge with much appreciation your superb service. The counsel and support you provide are always personal, practical, and professional. I am grateful to you for being a friend and confidant as well as an outstanding attorney.

Ben M.
Estate Planning & General

Jason is a caring, competent and diligent professional. You can feel confident in his ability to handle all your legal matters.

Dan & Mary O.
Estate Planning & General

In 2009 my wife and I used Jason's skills to create Trust documentation responsive to our severe medical needs and family dynamics to ensure that all of our assets would be available to support our needs in the event one of us were to become incapacitated or deceased. He provided all required documentation necessary to accomplish our needs, which involved two trusts. In addition, Jason reviewed all aspects of our investments, banking, etc. As a result, our estate and all aspects thereof were changed in order to avoid probate and public disclosure of any of our investment activities and belongings.
In 2016, my wife and I traveled from Toledo to Dayton in order to take advantage of Jason's expertise once again. We updated Jason of family, investment and medical aspects that could impact our estate planning. Jason completely updated all estate planning documentation to make everything responsive to our current needs and desires for proper and complete estate planning.
I consider Jason to be extremely knowledgeable lawyer and estate planner. I would travel across the state of Ohio again if situations arose which would impact my current estate planning needs. I highly recommend Jason as a reliable, professional lawyer for all estate planning needs.

Wes & Ruth G.
Estate Planning

Jason is an outstanding lawyer. We utilized Jason's real estate knowledge to settle a home under a land contract. With a slew of issues, Jason came in and saved the day! I interviewed several lawyers in the Dayton and Cincinnati area to see who I would like to represent me during this predicament.
Jason was professional and assertive. He walked me through every step of this process and proceeded to attend the closing per my request.
His professional skills expedited this issue. After calling Jason's office, in less than two weeks, I had the deed to my property in my hand.

Amanda O.
Real Estate

I have been a client of Jason for over 6 years. Jason has handled my estate plan, my business creation, various Landlord issues and the estate of my Mother. Jason is well versed and provides sound, understandable advice. I actually like talking with Jason as he is cost effective and speaks in common language - not the typical legalese that you might expect from an attorney. I have recommended Jason to both family and friends. I would recommend Jason as he is a common person's attorney.

Gretchen H.
Probate, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Small Business, and General

Jason handled my father's estate with 4 properties and did a very good job dealing with 5 children.

Shirley J.